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Repetitive Strain Injuries
Newsletter: Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and Massage
What is a KNOT and how did it get here?
The Biomechanics of Massage: How Massage Therapy Changes the Tonicity of Muscles
Myofascial Massage for the Sports-Minded


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The Health Benefits of Massage
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The Health Benefits of Massage

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Mom needs a massage after a long day EDEN PRAIRIE, MN,Often attributed to long hours of desk work, repetitive strain injuries can develop from repeated movements during any activity at work or leisure.  RSI's often result in pain, loss of work and decreased enjoyment of everyday life.  Therapeutic massage is an effective tool for both prevention and recovery from repetitive strain injuries.

How do RSIs happen?
Carpal Tunnel syndrome EDEN PRAIRIE, MN,RSIs develop from repeated strain to soft tissues.  Short and quick movements or positions held for long periods such as sitting hunched at a desk can begin the development of a repetitive strain injury.

What is a KNOT and how did it get here?

Do we actually have knots in our body?  NO!What is a KNOT and how did it get here?
The word “knot” as it relates to the human body is a misnomer.  In order for a knot to be tied, there must be two loose ends.  Muscles are attached to bones via tendons.  They cannot disconnect, tie themselves into knots and then reconnect to bones.  So why do we hear the term “knot” used so often? 

My personal impression of what a “knot” refers to is when someone can palpate a lump of tissue that shouldn’t be there in a muscle that feels extremely aggravated.

The Biomechanics of Massage: How Massage Therapy Changes the Tonicity of Muscles

bi·o·me·chan·ics - The study of the action of external and internal forces on the living body.The Biomechanics of Massage:
How Massage Therapy Changes the Tonicity of Muscles
Massage is science.  Want to know more?  Read all of our articles.Any muscle in the body can be tight and can develop trigger points.  The most common are the levator scapula and upper trapezius.Many people know that massage helps muscles relax, but few likely understand why.  Massage is a science as well as an art. 

Muscle tone is usually thought of in terms of fitness but really, tonicity refers to the level of tightness or flacidity.  Overuse can cause a muscle to be painfully tight while underuse can cause stiffening and shortening. Optimal tonicity is where muscles are able to return to a lengthened resting state after contraction 

Myofascial Massage for the Sports-Minded

Massage is good for athletes and sports enthusiasts.
Myofascial Massage for the Sports-Minded
Taking good care of your soft tissues will help you do your best when exercising or playing your sport.
If you’ve read my previous articles, you know that among many powerful benefits, massage can help release toxins from the body and dissolve trigger points.  There is another piece to the puzzle that may be particularly interesting to athletes and exercise enthusiasts.
A glimpse at what fascia looks like in the human bodyThis article is not about myofascial release technique.  Neither is it about sports massage.  It is about fascia and how massaging it and tight muscles can help you to

Myofascial Trigger Points - Massage Relieves Radiating Pain

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The Pain-Spasm Wheel - How Stress Transforms Into Pain

Stress contributes to the spokes of the Pain-Spasm Wheel leading to PAIN.

The Pain-Spasm Wheel -

How Stress Transforms Into Pain

Find out how stress transforms into both acute and chronic pain.
What is the pain-spasm wheel?  It is an illustration that depicts how stress can perpetuate multiple, associated effects leading to the result of pain from muscle tension.

Before we examine the wheel, let’s look at how someone gets ON the wheel in the first place.  Think of this paragraph as the onramp to the wheel.  The three main causes of muscle tension are overuse/overload, trauma and compensation.  Imagine a carpenter whose task is to use a screwdriver all day, every day.

The Many Health Benefits of Massage

There are many health benefits of massage!

The Risks and Rewards of Massage Therapy

At some point, your body may stop masking the pain you cause.
The Risks and Rewards of Massage Therapy
Pain is the language your body uses to tell you to make a change.The human body is an incredible thing.  Just like a dutiful mother that picks up after her family and says nothing, your body picks up after you.  The body compensates for the things we do like slouch our backs at work all day, run and play sports without stretching properly and sleep on our tummies while our spines are being crunched like accordions.  The body does what it can to prevent us from feeling pain which I call