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You can rest assured you're in good hands with Right as Rain.  Then you can get back to what you love to do - pain free!

Amy V. *****
After a year of struggling with herniated discs and degenerative disc disease I was referred for a surgical consult. The surgeon I met with told me there was nothing to fix and my issues with pain and stiffness were all due to continuous muscle spasms. After some research I found Emily at Right as Rain and I am so happy I did. Through her work, Emily has turned my life around in the past six or so months (I know this sounds dramatic, but it is so true it brings tears to my eyes at how much better I feel). I started to live pain free more often than not within the first month of treatment, and I am finally able to be physically active without pain. I am swimming and walking again, I can carry a bag and do farm chores again, I can ride my horse. The added and unexpected bonus is that as a lifelong headache sufferer my daily headaches have all but disappeared and my migraines have lessened significantly. I cannot recommend Emily enough, she is a consummate professional who after taking my health history comes to each session not only seeking my input but with an idea for treatment. Thank you Emily!

Deciding where to spend your massage dollars is an important decision. You don't have to skimp on either value or quality at Right as Rain.Rob N. *****
For years I relied on daily doses of pain medication to deal with my chronic neck, back, shoulder and hip pain. Going to a chiropractor helped but the relief never lasted very long. It’s been a year now and I credit Emily’s listening skills, communication style and patient tenacity for how much better I feel. I no longer take pain medication every day and the best part is that it feels like my body is healing and getting stronger! If you’re looking for someone who cares about your progress, Emily is the right choice!

Rachel P. *****
I came in early in my pregnancy with migraines, soreness, and lots of pain. I was looking for relaxation and she delivered that and more. She balanced working on the spots that really needed attention with a peaceful and relaxing massage. Even though I asked for one thing - she asked good questions and was able to tell what I really needed. Awesome work!

Kimberly D. *****
I initially visited Right as Rain with a major neck/shoulder issue that affected my arm. Problem solved. Emily is professional; not hurried and takes time/cares to understand what I need to get from massage. She is noticeably knowledgeable in massage techniques; and if wanted will explain the techniques used and why, but only if wanted. Otherwise the experience is quiet.

Right as Rain greatly values the time clients take to write reviews. Thank you!
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