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The front desk at Real Health Chiropractic - where Right as Rain rents space two days per week.
60 minutes... $85
90 minutes... $120

60 minutes... $85
90 minutes... $120

Single session rates:
60 minutes... $90
90 minutes... $125 

60 minutes... $80 (see below)

Multiple massages scheduled closely together can make a big impact on acute pain.Savings Options:

Buy three massages up front via cash or check: $240.00  = $30 savings
Buy three massages up front via credit card in person: $245.00 = $25 savings
Buy three massages up front via credit card over the phone: $250.00 = $20 savings

The effects of massage are cumulative. One session is likely not enough to work through all of your tight muscle tissue. When you commit to a package, you are giving your body an opportunity for lasting change that will impact your daily life. It works as rehabilitative and preventive care. You will definitely see the difference ongoing massage can make. 60 minute sessions only. Spouses may share packaged sessions but not non-spouses. However, you may "gift" a session to a new client. Packaged sessions and gift certificates are non-refundable once purchased.
Please call to order a gift certiticate by phone.
Gift certificates available
Please call to order: 952-941-8183

Add $2 surcharge for credit card
phone orders and postage

All prices listed include sales tax

Right as Rain Massage reserves the right to revise prices or discontinue promotions at any time.